Single: Mansell – Floyd

Mansell, an Atlanta collective that self-produces music, visual artwork and clothing, tackles the intensity of internal dissociation on their new indie R&B single, “Floyd,” out June 28. The trio, which comprises Holden Fincher, Grayson Arias and Trent Bilodeau, is in the midst of releasing several tracks for 2019, and though this is only the second in the set, it makes a strong contender for the best.

artworks-000536747769-ch07lj-t500x500.jpgEverything about “Floyd” is groovy, from the warping synth to the glistening vocals and smooth guitar picking. There’s a steady drum beat that steps in to clean up the rhythm after the first few seconds, and despite the flowing music, that same consistent drum beat keeps the track tight throughout. Still, everything about the surprisingly resonant music is fluid and sultry, and even when dual vocals in octave unison add a unique texture, the track is nothing if not smooth.

The content of the track, however, is not quite so light: musician Holden Fincher says that the track is about the internal dissociation that comes with regaining “progress and contentment” as life continues to evolve (“Time wrote me the other day/And asked me a favor/I choked up on compromise/Just laid there, thinkin’ anything”). Knowing this, it makes sense that the track itself has evolved over time.

“We had elements of the song for a while, possibly since high school, but we had to sort of grow into it a bit in order to finish it,” said Fincher. “More life had to happen to complete the narrative.”

Photo by Dan Almasy.





That patience in creating “Floyd” is evident; it’s clear that the artfully-crafted track took time and effort. Yet “Floyd” marks only the second in a set of 2019 releases for Mansell – check out “Good Form” on SoundCloud, Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep up with the band’s website and social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) to stay in the loop for the rest of Mansell’s releases this year, and in the meantime, check out “Floyd” via Apple Music and, below, Spotify.

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