Single: Sleep House – I Hate That I Miss You

An alternative pop band inspired by the ’70s onward, New Jersey quartet Sleep House released its latest single, “I Hate That I Miss You” on Friday, June 7. The song, which follows two EPs and a single in the last two years, is sunny, bright and upbeat, and despite the youth of its members, who met in high school only a few short years ago, there is maturity and depth woven into the pop song.

artworks-000533129046-x5ral4-t500x500.jpgThe four boys in Sleep House formed the band during high school, according to their website, and they hit it off immediately. That chemistry is evident on “I Hate That I Miss You”; it is sunny and sweet, and each instrument sounds as if it was made to work with the others on this specific track. The song is impossibly catchy, and there is a palpable energy on the track.

And though the bright, jangly guitar chords bring warmth to this song, there is still a depth to the music. Perhaps that sense of substance comes from singer Nicholas Gardyasz’s deep, smooth vocals and the hint of longing that permeates his voice and the lyrics (“Cause I hate that I miss you”); or perhaps it comes from the effortlessly cool guitar solo; or perhaps it comes from the frenetic drum rhythms, which drive the track as they jitter in the background. Regardless, all of these elements make for a fun single, and this song is one that strays just far enough from boy-band pop to be unique.

Photo by @archive088 on Instagram.

“I Hate That I Miss You” is a classic summer single: effortlessly catchy, mature and sweetly sunny. Plus, Sleep House will continue to work on new music and shows, so fans in New Jersey may be able to catch a live show this summer. In the meantime, though, “I Hate That I Miss You,” is officially out, so find it on your favorite streaming service or stream it from the Spotify link below.


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