EP Review: Spooled Up – Strange World

In a blaze of fuzzy guitars and cool, faraway vocals, Spooled Up‘s debut EP, Strange World, comprises five tracks of a perfect indie-rock blend. Out Saturday, June 8 on both digital and cassette formats via Crafted Sounds, the EP sets a strong stage – marked by a thrilling enthusiasm and energetic hooks – for the Baltimore band.

Album art by Matt Carignan.

Though each song is short, the music on Strange World is nothing if not rich. Two fuzzy guitars that just won’t quit meld effortlessly with a rocking bass and driving drum beats, and vocalists Luke Spicknall and Naomi Davidoff alternate throughout the five tracks. The staticky guitar riffs and an electrifying, tangible amount of energy do not pull control from the band, however, and songs like “Bag” remain measured, not frenetic, even when an impressive guitar solo jumps into the mix.

All of this makes for a full, thick sound, and though it is controlled, Strange World is a whirlwind of an EP that will leave listeners breathless after it has run its course.

Each song embodies this musical sentiment in its own way: “Landmine” is an authentic indie-rock opener; “Scab” is vintage-toned and grinding with vocals that sound close to speak-singing; and “Bunna” closes the EP with thirty seconds of twangy guitar strumming before Spicknall’s vocals enter and the floodgates open, bringing heavier instrumentals and a shredding guitar solo.

One of the Strange World EP’s only drawbacks is its length, however; though it comprises five songs, each is under three minutes, meaning that the EP clocks in at just under 12 minutes and leaves listeners craving more from the fuzzy garage quartet.


Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 8.43.37 PM.jpg
Photo by Megan Elyse Lloyd.

For fans who just can’t get enough, the EP release will be celebrated in Baltimore, Maryland, at The Crown on June 8 with support from Outer Spaces, LIP and Bubble Wand. For more information about the release show, click here, and in the meantime, preorder Spooled Up’s Strange World EP below.


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