Q&A: Shortly’s Alex Maniak details summer plans and two new singles

Shortly, the solo alternative music project of Detroit native Alex Maniak, has a busy summer planned: after releasing two singles, titled “Haven” and “Mapping,” Maniak recently co-headlined a tour with South Carolina group Small Talks and has an array of other opportunities lined up, including an appearance at the Detroit date of the Sad Summer Festival.

In the midst of all of this excitement, Alex was kind enough to answer a few questions via email about touring and her two new singles. Check out the interview and the official music video for “Mapping” below.

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 10.18.35 AM-1.jpg
Photo by Emily Nagle.

Indientry: How are you? How is tour going?

Alex: I’m great, tour is great! Other than our bassist dropping off because of a knee injury, we’ve had great luck on this tour. Fantastic venues and tourmates, fantastic people, and we’ve played well.

What do you like most about touring?

Exploring, when I have the time, and performing for new people every night. We try to find a good landmark and a good coffee shop everywhere we go.

What’s the best thing to do while you’re on the road?

On the road road? Read and listen to new bands together!

What’s your favorite thing about Small Talks?

Their energy. Cayley is so good at commanding a crowd, it drives me nuts! No matter how any of them are feeling they always put on an excellent and engaging show.

What artists are you listening to most right now?

I’ve been listening a lot to SOAK and Miya Folick a lot. I’ve also been spinning The Beths and Cayetana!

I know you just released two singles, “Mapping” and “Haven,” on Friday, May 24. How do you think those are different from Richmond, your last EP release?

“Mapping” is slower at first and then turns into more of an explosion of sound than anything we’ve released so far. It’s super fun to play, even as a three piece. “Haven”, a polar opposite in feeling, leaves more room to breathe than anything else so far. It’s uplifting and energetic.

What do those two songs mean to you?

“Mapping” is about falling in love and being mortified, while “Haven” is about falling apart and still finding good in the things around you.

Between this tour and your performance at Detroit’s Sad Summer Fest, you have an exciting summer lined up. What are you most excited for this summer, whether musical or otherwise?

BLED was fantastic, this tour has been fantastic- I think I’m most looking forward to traveling to Texas to play a few shows with my friend Chloe Moriondo this August.

Is there anything else about your band that you think is important for readers to know?

There’s always more music on the way.

Check out the video for “Mapping,” one of Shortly’s two new singles, below:

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