Tapes by Indientry: May – Kickstart Your Summer

The air at the end of May is always filled with a certain electricity; kids are finishing school, college students are returning home for the summer and everyone is enjoying the sunshine. It’s an exciting time of year, both because of the potential for change and the familiar anticipation of sticky heat and, if we’re lucky, time with friends.

Kickstart Your Summer

The weather in Ohio is always finicky, and there is no doubt that this winter has been long and hard, so these songs aim to encourage the warmth of summer while wishing for the air to stay just cool enough. Though varying in energy and intensity, they are all tracks that can both break up the heat on the sweatiest days and provide a bit of warmth when a cool wind blows through town.

And as the end of May approaches and June wraps its long, hot fingers around many parts of the world, it’s important to find a way to cool off. For some of us, that includes staying inside and spinning new songs to break up long days, especially in this awkward week before some friends get home yet after school lets out, before some jobs begin yet after the work of moving home is done.

These 11 songs make me feel beachy, summery and warm, and they are meant to invite the sunshine in and melt away any remaining chill of spring. They also serve to help blow away the humidity and suffocating heat when it seems as though time will never progress. More important than all of that, however, is that each of these songs is mesmerizing in its own way and deserves a listen with full attention.

Check out the “Kickstart Your Summer” playlist below:

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