EP Review: Misty Mtn – Missed Your Call EP

Brooklyn couple Morissa Trunzo and Lucas Segall, who make music as Misty Mtn, released their debut “dark mountain pop” EP, titled Missed Your Call, on Thursday, May 9. It’s a strong start to the band’s discography, full of catchy melodies and languid synth, and its five tracks are deep, luscious and mesmerizing.

artworks-000518750022-y6wej4-t500x500.jpgThe EP opens with what is perhaps its strongest track; “Drive” is lightweight and bouncy despite its deep, rich textures. It’s an easy track with an irresistibly memorable melody and though there is a tinge of heartbreak (“Gotta get out of here while I’ve still got my hopes up”), the almost-luminescent chorus is difficult not to dance to.

But even as the rest of the EP feels more electronic or intense, that same slow, languid energy persists. Though none of the tracks are particularly long, and the EP itself clocks in at just over 16 minutes, Misty Mtn is in no hurry to get through the rest of this EP; it is said that life is more about the journey than the destination, after all, and these mellow tracks prove just that.

“Silver,” for example, has a more emphatic bassline than the other four tracks, but still, it meanders through its three minutes. It hits right in the middle of the EP and has a bit of a swing and an almost witchy energy as singer Morissa Trunzo croons, “Blame it on the moon.”

The final track on the EP, too, is particularly striking: “Goodnight” is shimmering and acoustic with soft, plinking synth behind desperate lyrics (“I promised myself tonight I’m getting over you”). The track is at once beautiful and haunting, with gorgeous harmonies between Trunzo and her partner Lucas Segall, and it is a perfectly gentle, swooping end to a gorgeous synth-pop EP.

unnamed.jpgThe Brooklyn duo that is Misty Mtn will soon transplant to Los Angeles, so there are sure to be big things to follow this catchy, dark synth-pop EP. Misty Mtn is one to watch, but in the meantime, check out the Missed Your Call EP below.

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