Q&A: DOMI details band’s history and debut single

International alt-pop band DOMI released its debut single and music video earlier this year and is quickly making a name for itself; “Let Me Follow” is catchy and full of energy, and its shimmering hooks are borderline irresistible. It’s low, modern and poppy all at the same time as the band draws inspiration from their home countries of Norway, the UK, the Czech Republic and the U.S.

Indientry got the chance to ask DOMI a few questions about the group’s history, the new single and their frontwoman’s past on “Czechia Slovakia’s Got Talent”.

DOMI (2).jpg

Indientry: How did your band meet?

DOMI: We all met at Leeds College of music. Jemma and Dominika were a year above from the boys.

Why the name “DOMI”?

Jemma: Domi is short for Dominika. It’s her nickname, and she is the bandleader, it’s also short and snappy and easy to pronounce

Who are your primary musical influences?

Jostein: The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Tommy Doresy, Wayne Shorter.

Ben: Whatever I listen to at a certain time. It changes all the time, but I always get influenced by the music I listen to, whatever genre. I can easily get a vibe from an Esbjörn Svensson tune and take that into a pop tune.

Casper: Hard question, I guess it has been a big collection of all sorts of different musicians.

Jemma: My main influences are massive attack, portishead, goldfrapp, warpaint, and bjork.

Dominika: Honestly, it ranges from what I hear in the charts down to classical music that I was brought up with as a kid. Any music can inspire me.

What artists are you listening to most right now? Did you have any favorite records of 2018 that you’re still thinking about?

Jostein: Amgala Temple, The Beatles, Ollie Howell, Ina Wroldsen, Brian Blade and the Fellowship Band, Nina Moses.

Casper: At the moment I am really into Olafur Arnalds. I have been actively listening to his new re:member album for the past two weeks. His piano sounds fabulous, the arrangement of the cluster voiced strings, the electronics, and just the red tread throughout the album makes it one of my favorite of 2019 till now.

Jemma: I am listening to 2 very very different artists right now: Scott Walker (experimental music) and Sia (pop).

Dominika: In 2018 I listened to a lot of Sigrid, The 1975, and Ina Wroldsen

Follow-up: If you could perform with any two artists, living or dead, who would you choose?

Jostein: Hard to choose just two, but I would say George Harrison and Duke Ellington.

Casper: Would be sick to have a jam with Frank Zappa

Jemma: Right now my answer is that I would perform with Scott Walker, because he seems like a mad genuis, and Laura Mvula as her music is really interesting and fun.

Dominika: Damien Rice with chill vibes over some wine or Arianna Grande.

You recently dropped your debut single, titled “Let Me Follow”. What was the inspiration for its sound and lyrical content?

Jostein: For me, on drums, inspiration was drawn from JoJo Mayer and Nerve. Not literally, but conceptually.

Jemma: The inspiration for the sound was garage/house music mixed with pop and jazz.

Dominika: My inspiration was Banks, because since I find her really mysterious and dark. But I wrote the song when I was watching the TV series “West World” and thought it was really twisted in a cool way.

How has the reception been to that single?

Casper: It’s been great! Waking up to a new review and read it over a cup of coffee is smud, even if I have to translate some from Czech to English in google translate.

Jostein: People seem to enjoy the tune!

Domi: I’ve been getting messages from friends all over the world! We are currently in the CZ Očko charts for new music and have so many big interviews lined up back in Czech Republic. It’s also gotten us our first festival! But we can’t say which one yet. Follow our social to find out in the next few weeks!

Dominika, you were a finalist on “Czechia Slovakia’s Got Talent” at age 15. How did that influence your musical career and the sound of this band?

Dominika: That part of my life has definitely made me much stronger as a person. It also made me realize how much I need to write my own music to really feel happy as a musician rather than doing covers like you do on these shows.

What’s next for you? Do you have any exciting releases or shows coming up after this?

Casper: We got some cool shows coming up and we’re currently in the studio!

Jemma: We’re working on a few more singles and shows in Leeds, UK.

Dominika: Yes! we are in the process of recording our next single.

Is there anything else about your band that you think is important for readers to know?

Jemma: it’s important to know that we are the best band in the world. you can quote me on that. KMF!

Dominika: If you want to follow our journey please add us on social media! Also, we are super friendly! So don’t be scared to DM us 🙂

Check out the band’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and watch the official music video for “Let Me Follow”, the band’s debut single, below.

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