EP Review: Liily – I Can Fool Anybody In This Town

Though it is their first, LA indie rock band Liily‘s I Can Fool Anybody In This Town EP marks a strong start for the quartet. It consists of six rollicking, punky tracks with an almost unrivaled intensity and energy as the group rocks its way through the 22 minutes of music.

unnamed (1).jpgThe EP is enthusiastic if nothing else; it’s clear that the group is enjoying itself on every single one of these tracks, regardless of tempo or lyrical content. It is all grungy and rocking, but not too dirty – production is still smooth and the instruments are clean, tight and together.

It’s hard to pick a standout track; “Toro” has a twisting guitar huddled just behind classic rock vocals and percussion that never stays in one place for too long, almost as if drummer Maxx Morando is touching a hot pan and won’t land for fear of burning. It’s a rocking introduction to the EP, complete with grinding, cool guitar riffs in the chorus and bridge that balance out the drum-focused introduction.

Later, “Sepulveda Basin”, the longest track on the EP, brings a bit of levity to the otherwise rocking EP, landing right in the middle with a more relaxed tempo and smooth, echoing vocals. There are layers of sound backing up frontman Dylan Nash; though the track is lighter, the band has put no less thought into its instrumentation.

“Nine”, however, also features the same energy as the first track in terms of speed, perhaps this time fearing becoming repetitive on an already-long EP. The fear is unfounded, however, because this song is also full of life and rhythm – the guitar and bass pump out straight triplets, keeping a steady cadence pretty much throughout.

Photo courtesy of Richie Davis.

This is all to say that every track shines on I Can Fool Anybody In This Town. Each of the six is frenetic and fun, and its creators’ vim and vigor for music is almost tangible as they rock their way through. Released March 8 via Flush RecordsI Can Fool Anybody In This Town is a strong debut for Liily and hints at a strong future for the band.

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