Gigs, Guitars and Gender – Episode Four: Philadelphia

Welcome back to Gigs, Guitars and Gender, a podcast series about gender and the local music scenes in five cities. This episode is set in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a city I fell in love with after spending just a few short days there last summer. I’d also like to thank the musicians in this podcast for collaborating with me and participating in phone interviews after I had to cut my trip short for a medical issue.

This episode is the fourth in a series of six, so be sure to check out the links at the bottom of this post to subscribe and stay up-to-date on the rest of the project. A new episode will be published every Saturday until the end of March, when I’ll post the sixth and final podcast – a summary and debriefing of the rest of the series – on the last Saturday to coincide with the end of National Women’s History Month. 

Gigs, Guitars and Gender is a podcast that aims to explore the role gender plays in five music scenes across the United States Midwest. Host Abby Jeffers travels to Detroit, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Columbus to talk to musicians in each city about their experiences with gender.

This episode is set in the music scene in Indianapolis, Indiana, and this time, Abby met with Sofia from Harmony Woods to chat about safety and DIY spaces, Ivy and Juliette from corey flood to talk about gender-diverse lineups and tokenization and Pru of noera to hear how the queer music scene splits from the rest of Philadelphia.

Harmony Woods
Song used: Jenkintown-Wyncote
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corey flood
Song used: Feel Okay
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Song used: Home Alone

Thank you to Ohio University and the Cutler Scholars Program for helping provide the funds to make this project possible.

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