EP Review: The Spouts – This Part of Town

Columbus post-punk rockers The Spouts are slated to release their debut EP, titled This Part of Town, on Friday, March 15. The four-piece has spent the first few years of its existence playing house and bar shows throughout Ohio, testing the waters of the music scene, and finally decided to record and release a six-track EP.

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Each of the six tracks on The Spouts’ This Part of Town EP has a distinctly punk-tinged indie rock sound. At times, the angular, blunt vocals are almost reminiscent of post-punk groups like Bloc Party, and at others, the band’s rich, melodic riffs dismiss that notion entirely.

Nothing is rushed, however, despite a definite rock vibe. The opening and title track is punky, sure, and made complete by howling background noise and wailing guitar picking, but it is also mellow and unhurried. And though “Watch Your Vegetables”, the EP’s first single, is faster with vocals leaning more toward shouting rather than speak-singing, there is something electrifying about the track as dark riffs feel almost dangerous and thrilling, building anticipation throughout.

Even the grungiest, grittiest of the punk-infused rock songs on this EP aren’t overly intense, though. “Like A Man” is gravelly and harder, but it’s clear from the still-fun feeling that the band doesn’t take itself too seriously. Near the end, “Sapien” has a ripping, grinding guitar solo, but it’s lightened by echoing, smooth vocals throughout the track.

The band’s website claims that live shows are also light and carefree and that the four boys sacrifice “quality musicianship for thrashing about like buffoons.” Though the EP reflects some of this levity, the only way to know for sure will be to attend the band’s EP release show on Friday at Tree Bar in Grandview.

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 8.43.22 AM.jpgOn Friday, March 15, accompanied by Sweat Workers and Boy Jorts from Athens, The Spouts will host an EP release show at Tree Bar in Grandview to celebrate the release of This Part of Town. Find more information here. Afterward, The Spouts plan to embark on a tour of Ohio for spring 2019 to promote the release of the EP through April and May. Find tour dates and more information on its website. In the meantime, check out The Spouts’ This Part of Town EP, out Friday on all streaming platforms, including the band’s Bandcamp.

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