EP Review: Twin Atomic – Spare a Thought EP

Akron alternative pop-rockers Twin Atomic show promise in their debut EP, which came out just a few months ago in September 2018. Though the band’s Spare A Thought EP is only five tracks, there is no shortage of music on the record: the shortest song is just over four minutes, whereas the longest clocks in at eight and a half.

twinatomic1.jpgLength of tracks aside, however, it is clear that the band is exploring its sound and space within the Akron music scene with its Spare A Thought EP. Though vocalist Trish Pekarcik sounds strong on nearly every track, it feels almost as if the band is holding back in terms of both rhythm and energy until the very last song on the record.

“Saboteur”, for one, opens the EP and is pretty straightforward in terms of rhythm and overall sound. While that’s not necessarily a negative, it feels as though the band is restraining themselves. This first track has a few elements of surprise thrown in – electronic bits that spice things up – and the pre-chorus guitar riffs feel dark and almost dangerous, but otherwise, the repetition of fairly uncomplicated music gets just a bit tedious by the end of the five-minute track.

None of this is to say that the music is bad; in fact, it is catchy and powerful, and poppy hooks are blended well with grungy guitar to make a strong pop-rock EP. But it feels like something is missing, yet the band has the potential to fill out its sound on future releases with just a bit more confidence and maturity.

On “Stormborn”, the final track, however, it seems as though the band finally decided to let loose. Pekarcik’s voice is no longer entirely smooth and flowing but instead feels more comfortable as she sings. Shining harmonies at select points in the song provide a bit of levity from otherwise heavy instrumentals – though the pre-chorus riffs are pleasantly evocative of classic rock Guitar Hero – and otherwise, the track is gritty, thick and rich rock music.

Photo courtesy of John Aylward.

Twin Atomic’s Spare A Thought EP is a promising start, but hopefully, the band will develop more confidence and find its place in the Akron music scene with future releases. Once again, that is not to say that the music itself is bad, but it feels as if there is more potential just under the surface that is dying to come forward.

In the meantime, check out Twin Atomic’s Spare A Thought EP below:

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