EP Review: Francie Moon – New Morning Light

With a neat blend of psych- and surf-rock, Francie Moon‘s three latest tracks serve as a teaser for the band’s music, providing only enough to get listeners caught on catchy hooks and driving rhythms. The band’s New Morning Light EP was released February 14 on Keeper Records, though a 7″ record became available the following day and the band is slated to release a cassette tape this summer, so fans have plenty to look forward to.


New Morning Light is short, clocking in at just over ten minutes, but it is still a clear representation of the band, which began when solo guitarist and vocalist Melissa Lucciola was joined by drummer Richie Samartin and bassist Adam Pumilia in their home state of New Jersey.

This EP is not the band’s first release by any means, though it is their first in nearly two years. There has been a shift toward a fuller and more interesting sound in the band’s music since their most recent full-length, So This is Life, likely due to the fact that the trio began to “put more focus” into their recordings in the last year.

And Francie Moon’s sound on New Morning Light is certainly interesting – it is nothing if not eclectic. Its title track is a dance-inducing ode to new beginnings, complete with beachy surf-rock riffs, and Lucciola’s punky vocals shine as she yelps, “I said baby, every day is a day to live for.” She is powerful and confident, and it is clear that these recordings are not just rehearsed; they are a performance in which she gives 100%.

Though it is true that a team is only as strong as its weakest link, it is difficult to pick out any inadequacies among Francie Moon’s psych-rock trio. Lucciola’s riffs and vocals are solid, and in all three tracks, Samartin’s drumming is tight and exciting, pushing forward each second of music with plenty of energy. On “Sittin’ In the Middle”, a neat blend of instruments and more straightforward lyrics allow listeners to focus on guitar solos and intricate drumming patterns, and it is clear that Samartin is talented.

Pumilia rocks on bass, too; the last track, “Present Tense”, highlights his bass licks in a funky, five-minute rock anthem. Pumilia’s steady picking runs as a constant underneath changing tempos and even transitions between rocking sections and gentler ones, complementing the mid-track flute as well as he does Lucciola’s howling vocals on the other two tracks.

Photo courtesy of Avtar Khalsa.

The three tracks on New Morning Light are short, but they serve as an excellent entry point and a teaser for Francie Moon’s music, leaving listeners hungry for more. Fans can  keep an eye out for the cassette tape release later this year, and, in the meantime, check out Francie Moon’s New Morning Light EP below:



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