Something Personal: Looking Ahead to 2019

I’ve developed a habit of self-reflection over the past few weeks; it may be a side effect of the intense change I’ve had in just about every aspect of my life. For me, the past two weeks have been just that: I spent time thinking

If you know me personally, you know that my family has undergone quite the past two years – and even the last few months have been hectic and full of change. The most recent shift, however, was our move to Clintonville, a neighborhood close to Columbus. It was a moderate downsize, and despite the fact that I’m enrolled full time in college two hours away, I was thankfully able to help over my winter break, as you can tell from the wall of posters in my bedroom.

Ft. Ian Sweet, Run The Jewels, Gorillaz, Label Me Lecter, Lala Lala, and Bleachers.

Regardless, I’ve been staying busy throughout all of the change. In case you haven’t seen me tweeting about it, I became the News Editor for ACRN Media, the music publication at Ohio University and one of my favorite things about the school. I also host a weekly radio show on Monday nights at 9 pm, called The Rainbow Hour, so tomorrow night, head on over to and tune in!

In the past few months, I also started a project called Gigs, Guitars, and Gender. It’s a series of six podcasts about gender and the music scene in five cities – Detroit, Indianapolis, Columbus, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia – plus one podcast at the end where I recap the project. It was funded by Ohio University and the Cutler Scholars Program, so I was able to travel to (almost) all of these cities to record interviews with three artists in each one.

Gigs, Guitars, and Gender will be published every Saturday beginning on February 23 and ending on March 30, wrapping up with Women’s History Month. I’ll also be presenting the project at Ohio University’s Student Expo, so if you’re in Athens on April 11, stop by the Convo to see the process behind the project! I will cover some of the background – and my research analysis – in the final podcast, though. Either way, there are no words to express how thrilled I am for this project to finally be published in a little over a month!

I may look exhausted, but trust me – I was thrilled to be in Detroit!

There will also be a few changes in how Indientry runs in 2019. I tried cutting back to only one post per week at the beginning of my first semester at OU, but I found myself missing it. Instead, I’ll be returning to post on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’m also hoping to publish more interviews, features, and columns instead of solely focusing on reviews.

Finally, starting next Saturday, I’ll be posting a monthly playlist, called Tapes by Indientry to stick with the Bloc Party theme of my guest post series and podcast, on the last Saturday of every month; this will (hopefully) set it up so that the playlist alternates biweekly with the podcast, although there are some months in which that doesn’t work out perfectly. As the year goes on, you can check out every playlist in my Indientry folder on Spotify – but please don’t judge me for my trashy running playlists!

Anyway, that’s it! I hope everyone has had a restful and reflective start to 2019. Here’s to another year of great music and even better friends!

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