EP Review: Fashion Week – Mood EP

To close out the year on a strong note, Columbus alt-rock band Fashion Week released their latest EP, titled Mood, on Friday, December 7. It is currently the band’s longest published work, despite having been together for four years, but it displays confidence and maturity in their sound.

iv10_QBwThe Mood EP begins on a heavy track, and “Gaslight” is dark and a little warpy in places. It is slower than expected, lacking in energy, but there is a tinge of mystery in the grungy riffs nonetheless – a mood that fits perfectly with its suspicious lyrics (“The truth is just a lie/In disguise/And we don’t trust no one”).

Not everything is intense and grinding, though; “Dark of the Cinema” features insanely fast finger-picking and an unfairly catchy melody as frontman Jason Turner croons, “I’ll show you love in the dark of the cinema.” Just one song later, “Superflat” is lighter, although it is no less fervent in lyrical content (“There’s a hole in my heart/In this age of addiction”), and it is comprised mainly of finger-picking and marginally more delicate percussion.

The five-track EP fits together well, despite its shifts in sound. It would be easy for an alternative rock band to simply throw together a record that all sounds the same, or to make something unique but disjointed. Fashion Week’s Mood EP, however, shows a maturity in the band’s ability to mix fast-paced finger-picking and grinding guitar riffs on the same album while maintaining a coherent flow.

Photo by Jared Heveron.

According to the band’s Spotify page, Mood is their longest work yet, although the band’s website claims four EPs and two singles. It is a strong, catchy EP regardless, however, and it is easy to see why Fashion Week has opened for groups like The Social Animals and Royal Teeth (and was even invited to open for The 1975 back in 2013 but had to turn it down!). With its neat blend of confident, ever-shifting sounds, there is no doubt that Fashion Week’s latest EP is a solid way to close out 2018.

Check out Fashion Week’s Mood EP below:

Correction: An earlier version of this article stated that the lyrics to “Gaslight” were “The truth is alive/In disguise.” The song actually says, “The truth is just a lie/In disguise.” 


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