Album Review: Olivia and the Creepy Crawlies – Room To Grow

Roughly three and a half years after their previous release, Toronto folk-pop band Olivia and the Creepy Crawlies released Room To Grow on October 4, 2018. It’s an eight-track, 28-minute folk-pop album, and although the first song is a light introduction to the rest of the record, the six-piece band quickly shows the depth of their ability.

a1408777162_10“Stormin’ In My Heart”, the album’s introductory song, serves as a brief palette cleanser, clocking in at 48 seconds and featuring only frontwoman Olivia Borkosky on ukulele and vocals. Its delicate sound is quickly overshadowed, however, by the following track; the album’s title track is thick and vibrant, showing off all of the talents of every member of the six-piece band. Borkosky’s vocals are, once again, sweet and beautiful, singing lovely lyrics (“In my mind, I am walking/Through the field that I grew/All the while, I’m dreaming/Dreaming of you”) while backed up by a full-color band.

Aside from the typical folk-pop instruments – guitar, bass guitar, drums, keyboard – Room To Grow features the occasional trumpet, violin and cello, accordion, and even a bit of glockenspiel. It makes for a rich sound, and it is one that is shown off in every track, from the slower and sultry “Blue” to the lighter “Great Big Box”.

Room To Grow closes out with “Long Forgotten Friend”, a track that is both the longest and perhaps the strongest on the record. It clocks in at five minutes and 28 seconds, but it is not tedious: the beginning is slow and sweet, but it bursts into something more and becomes almost overwhelming in the best way possible. It is a fitting end to the album; not only does it show off the band’s duality, but it is just as driving, upbeat, and catchy as the rest of their songs.


Whether sunny or bittersweet, there is something fresh about Room To Grow; it feels almost like the air on a cool day after a heavy rain, clean and crisp. Despite its release date of October 4, the album holds up through the seasons, breaking up the monotony of these grey winter days perfectly. It is a perfect comeback after three and a half years of waiting, and just about everything about it is sweet.

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