Album Review: Eldren – Miss Information Aged

After a whirlwind two-year (and counting) career, which included the unfortunate passing of its founding bassist, Denver-based psychedelic rock band Eldren is back with its sophomore record, Miss Information Aged.

artworks-000348814521-tyxkh3-t500x500.jpgMiss Information Aged has plenty to offer in the form of fascinating hooks and catchy melodies through its ten psych-rock tracks. The first few tracks are irresistibly cool and just weird enough to be interesting: “Hold On” and “Right Time” are layered with plenty of electronic tones, gritty guitar riffs, and low synth. The music is distorted and warping and spacey, and in tracks like “Information’s Dim Sage”, a full two minutes and thirty seconds of instrumental, it sounds almost like the band is trying to achieve an Aphex-Twin level of techno on top of its rock.

The album does feel tedious at times, however; the last track, which also happens to be the title track, clocks in at nearly nine minutes long – AKA inexcusably, unjustifiably long for any band. Otherwise, there are a few times throughout the record when the gritty riffs and simplistic drum beats blend together and it’s easy to zone out.

Eldren remedies this, though, by inserting new and interesting instruments in certain tracks and switching up the constant stream of psychedelic rock. “NWO”, the second-to-last track, almost has an R&B tinge to it; there’s a bit of a swing, yet near the end, featured vocalist Cassidy Bacon’s sweet voice is accompanied by violin as she croons, “And when we arrive, the sun will seem much brighter.”

Eldren (PC Amanda Piela, 2018).jpg
Photo by Amanda Piela.

Eldren’s sophomore album, just released on Needlejuice Records, shows promise for the band. Although the title track is a tad excessive – seriously, nobody needs a nine-minute song – there is plenty of intrigue and intricacy throughout the ten psychedelic rock songs.

Listen below:


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