Something Personal: Last Thursday For A While

If you’ve been following either my personal social media or Indientry’s at all for the past month, you’re well aware of the fact that two weeks ago I moved down to Athens, Ohio for college. The transition has been a little difficult, but not bad, as I’ve already begun to make friends and bond over some of my favorite bands (The Cordial Sins and Jetty Bones, anyone?).

The posters in my dorm. Is it obvious that I’m into music?

In a previous post in July, I mentioned that I wasn’t sure what my posting schedule would look like as I began classes and things got more hectic, but as of right now, this will be the last Thursday post for a while. Class started on Monday, and until I get my bearings regarding the workload and time management, I’m just going to post on Sundays for the sake of ease and not having to worry about Indientry on top of everything else!

(Hopefully, this will also help me stay consistent and not let the blog slip behind other obligations and to-dos like it did at times over this past summer.)

If anyone is interested in keeping up with the things that I write for other publications, I’ve set up a “professional” Twitter account at the request of my Journalism professor. It can be found here (the handle is @AbbyJJeffers) and I’ll retweet or post everything I’m working on there.

I won’t be giving up Indientry by any means, though, as this is my baby and I’ve worked to stay consistent for three years now. In fact, I’m only posting this heads-up as a way to be totally transparent; I won’t be able to cover as much content, and I’ll re-evaluate once I feel like I’m settled into the routine of classes and living on my own.

In the meantime, happy end of summer and beginning of school to you all. One thing I’ve been loving here is taking a walk around campus to enjoy all of the green and the trees, and so I hope for all of us that as the weather cools down, life isn’t too busy to take a break, go for a walk outside, and look at the beautiful world around us.

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