EP Review: RADATTACK – Montana Psychedelic Versus

Classifying themselves as “rock and roll muscle pop,” the boys in RADATTACK may be (for the most part) in high school, but they’ve already begun to make a name for themselves.

The boys aren’t exactly inexperienced; almost all four of them have been participants in other Clintonville musical endeavors, including surf-punk band The Comos and Seth Peacock’s project Rat Motel.  This time, Henry Morris has taken the frontman position with RADATTACK, and his debut EP, Montana Psychedelic Versus, has a sophisticated garage-rock sound.


RADATTACK’s debut EP sounds similar to The Strokes, but with a mildly pop touch. It sandwiches a more mellow track between two heavier ones; “Montana Psychedelic” kicks things off red-hot and heavy, with an impressive, biting bass solo and growling vocals. It is classic rock and roll, heavy and thick and just a little bit fuzzy, but there’s a “too-cool-for-this” touch that leaves the song feeling slightly aloof.

“What’s My Reputation” is a little lighter. There’s less volume, but the boys haven’t lost their rock-and-roll attitude, although the intensity has lessened. Frontman Henry Morris’s vocals have a relaxed twang, which blends well with the lighter guitar, and the bass lick in the verses is downright awesome.

The EP closes with “Fight of the Year,” in which the band returns to the garage vibe. It’s driving and energizing and electric, and there’s the perfect touch of fuzz in the fast-paced rock music. Morris’s vocals are once again gravelly but slick, and it’s impossible not to let your heart rate jump when you hear the catchy, driving guitar riffs.

28870256_1512432762199384_3919683471625342758_n.jpgMy friends who know RADATTACK swear up and down that these boys have the potential to be the next big band to make it out of Columbus. The fact that they’re playing at the Nelsonville Music Festival on May 31 is impressive enough as it is; if you can’t catch them at Nelsonville, though, they’re playing plenty of other shows, including this Sunday, May 13 at The Basement. In the meantime, check out Montana Psychedelic Versus below.


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