Album Review: Kississippi – Sunset Blush

Philadelphia indie pop band Kississippi‘s latest record, Sunset Blush, finds the band tighter and bolder than any previous release, and frontwoman Zoe Reynolds sounds confident in her vocals as she croons about heartbreak and loss.

a0320554042_10The record itself is a testament to the idea that you don’t have to be hardened to be strong; even in vocals, Reynolds’ airy voice is certain and unashamed on every track, accompanied by soft indie rock guitars and percussion. Floating harmonies drip through the melody, and it’s vaguely reminiscent of indie pop bands like Adult Mom.

Reynolds warbles about everything from losing the people she loves, in the softly bold “Cut Yr Teeth” (“The person you’ve made yourself out to be/Would feel sorry for what you’ve done to me/Like scrapped sheet metal shaves ivories/Started out slow but you cut your teeth”), to being made to feel inadequate–this time in a more mellow track, titled “Easier to Love” (“I’ll make myself easier to love”). 

In the background, the guitars and percussion are tight, yet the music is still smooth and blurry around the edges. It is gentle and fresh without lacking the painful edge of loss, and each new pop ballad glides smoothly into the next.

Photo by Megan Thompson.

Kississippi’s bold sound and soft sense of heartbreak make you feel both strong and sad with catchy melodies, sweetly confident lyrics, and classic indie-rock guitars. Released Friday, April 6, Sunset Blush is a record that deserves more than one listen, so if you have yet to hear it, it’s time to get started.

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