EP Review: Castile – Magenta

Columbus alt-rock group Castile throws it back to gritty, ’90s rock roots with its upcoming EP, titled Magenta. It belongs in a basement full of grungy punk kids with tattered t-shirts and boots, and the band will, in fact, take the stage at the Rumba Café on February 10 for its EP release show.

27072693_1600742660013130_2042926174986747725_n.jpgCastile rips through four grungy rock tracks on its Magenta EP, leaving little room to breathe. Brief moments of reprieve come in surprising forms, though, when frontman Shane Randell delivers velvet vocals on top of fuzzy guitar in “Sandbox”, or during the quick guitar solo on the title track.

Magenta has every characteristic of a gritty, DIY-esque rock album while managing to maintain a clean, tight production and preventing the EP from becoming sloppy. Drummer Austin Nill is neat, even in his most intricate and frantic moments, balancing well with the rest of the band, and although the guitar and bass feel punky and ragged at times, each of the three musicians remains precise throughout the album.

Its first two songs, “Sandbox” and “Magenta”, are thick and resonate deep within my chest. In both, Randell’s vocals take on a new quality–at first, he croons hazily bitter lines. The self-titled track, however, feels a little more dangerous, and his voice takes on a ragged tone. “Do You” switches it up briefly; brighter chords and a burning melody are surprisingly catchy. The EP closes with “Say Her”, a dark, daring track with vocals that are almost a growl and a repeated lyric–”And I will, and I will/And I will change”–that feels like a battle cry. 

Photo by Nick Fancher.

Castile’s Magenta EP release show will be on Saturday, February 10 at The Rumba Café in Columbus, Ohio. Tickets are $8 advance and $10 on the day of the show, and doors open at 8pm. More information about the show can be found here.


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