Album Review: the SIR band – So Cold

The SIR band, hailing from Denver, kicked off the new year with a thrilling new indie pop-rock album, “So Cold”. The lyrically-relatable album was released on the very first day of 2018, and it shifts back and forth from soft and smooth to heavier rock ballads.


The SIR band, despite a somewhat formal name, is anything but typical. Fervent lyrics and a sharp attitude are evident every step of the way, even as the mood slides between upbeat and almost delicate. Lead singer Sarah Angela’s vocals are vibrant, and although sometimes the auto-tune feels unintentionally jagged (“Wading”), her power is clear. Those vocals are easier to appreciate in gentler tracks like “Interlude (From The Ocean)”, with nothing but an acoustic guitar to accompany Angela.

“So Cold” is a textbook example; it’s a fiery rock track that feels like a burnt-orange color, and vividly relatable lyrics like “Rage against me/I will knock you from your lonely soul” pack a punch that leaves you breathless and wanting more. My personal favorite, “Abby’s Song”–and no, the reason I like it is not that the title has my name in it–falls on the opposite end of the spectrum; Angela uses her softer-on-the-edges “head voice”, and its pretty synth tones feel like a tender, poppy lullaby (“Take away the pain you see/Give you everything you need/Angel, you are mine”).

25394653_1885854954777045_9185957788286502154_oReminiscent of bands like PVRIS or Against The Current, the SIR band’s electric indie-pop-rock sound has been gaining attention, especially with the release of “So Cold”. Daring vocals and fiery lyrics blend well with poppy melodies, and with four SXSW showcases already under its belt, the SIR band seems to have a bright future.

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