EP Review: You’re Among Friends – One Day You’ll Look Back

Despite a ragged, DIY-esque production style, “One Day You’ll Look Back”, the latest EP from Cleveland-based band You’re Among Friends, is driving and full of unexpected twists. It’s chock-full of power-pop disguised as bluesy rock, and the warbling vocals and guitar take on a new life in each track.

a0170997662_10“One Day You’ll Look Back” is nothing if not funky. Although the first track, “I’m Happier Now”, isn’t anything out of the ordinary with its warbling vocals, distorted guitar and warpy melodies come into play on “Back to Work Tomorrow”. The bluesy sound is effortlessly cool, and despite a mellow tempo, there’s a distinct vigor behind every note.

“You Lost Interest First”, however, is full of cheesy pillow-sayings, drily fitting together cliches like puzzle pieces and forming a surprisingly catchy folk song. Sarcastic lyrics like, “Say, if you love something, you’ve gotta set it free” and “But out of sight, out of mind/folks who wander might find themselves lost” should feel tired, but You’re Among Friends adds a new energy to the music, especially with an invigorating guitar solo.

The EP closes on a cynical note; “Not My Thing” blends pessimistic lyrics (“It’s just that smiling is not my thing/Don’t like the sunshine, I like the rain”) with poppy melodies, contrasting the clashing moods. It’s confusing in the best way.

attachment-1-3_kindlephoto-981548.jpgDespite being a band for eleven years–with a rotating cast of characters, of course–You’re Among Friends still maintains the creativity needed to write songs with such an enthralling composition. There’s just enough warping, cynicism, and cool funkiness on the album to shake things up.

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