EP Review: Foxture – E D E N

There’s something about Foxture’s lead singer, Marlon Blackmon, and the husky vocals on the band’s “E D E N” EP that keeps you listening. It’s difficult to distinguish particular words, but that only adds a layer of intrigue to the accessible, dreamy math-pop, fueling a desire to try to hear oddly-specific-but-still-applicable lines (“Feeling a shade of blue that never existed”). 

a2073435016_10The EP begins with a rewinding title track, already feeling like you’re putting the record on repeat. It makes the next song, “Understanding pt. 1” feel oddly familiar, with creamy, soulful piano and a bit of an attitude buried in the dreaminess. In fact, the whole EP feels this way; everything is syrupy-sweet and intricate. It’s a color palette full of rich, cool tones like teals and blues, blending together in a soothing gradient.

“E D E N” is unhurried and thick, with hypnotizing melodies that feel like slipping in and out of a daydream. Intricate layers of keyboard, guitar, and percussion feel overwhelming, moving in waves. The ambient pop is occasionally interrupted by those gripping, unusual vocals that make you work to hear what’s going on, and it keeps you from staying in a trance for all six songs – that is, until “Waves,” the final track that just feels numb in both lyrics and sound (“And I can’t feel my legs/and I don’t like this place”). 

Photo by Doug Rice Photography.

“E D E N” feels a little long for an EP, despite only clocking in at around 25 minutes. It is still longer than some bands’ full-length records, and that only makes it easier to get lost in. It only makes it easier to be hypnotized by Blackmon’s soft vocals and the rest of the creamy, ambient music. Simply put, “E D E N” is simultaneously vibrant and perfectly numbing.

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