EP Review: The Sonder Bombs – The Sonder Bombs

The words “ukulele punk” seem to be total opposites, but despite self-identifying with the oxymoronic genre, The Sonder Bombs‘ debut self-titled EP proves that punk can come in many forms.

a2920149775_10Immediately upon hearing the first song, “Nonsense,” the band’s genre makes sense. Cute, bright ukulele floats over fuzzy guitar and traditionally punky bass in a weirdly logical dichotomy that is vaguely similar to bands like Diet Cig.

The punk attitude is apparent, too – a self-released album by a DIY band out of Cleveland, “The Sonder Bombs” is once again nothing if not authentic. The power behind lead singer Willow Hawks’ vocals is evident and heartbroken, bitter lyrics in all three tracks are intensely relatable, as seen in “End Of My Daze” (“No, I don’t need you I don’t want you but you want me to/It’s just the booze it’s just the booze it’s just the booze tonight/You were always bound to lose but that’s alright”).

0010466546_10.jpgDespite only being three songs, “The Sonder Bombs” is a bright beginning to the band’s career. Their style is unique and solidified, punky without being overbearing, and maintains the ukulele’s poppy feeling. This band is definitely one to keep an eye on, especially with its upcoming appearance at Cleveland’s Snowed In V music festival. Check out “The Sonder Bombs” below!

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