EP Review: Trying – Marathon of Fright

Halloween is objectively the best holiday of the year, but for some (unfortunate) reason, its music choices are limited. Whatever the reason, Trying is aiming to change the lack of spooky tracks with its “double-single” (AKA two singles in one), “Marathon of Fright.”

a3548981650_10The first, “Marathon of Fright,” clocks in at an unfortunately short 55 seconds. With heavy, dark synth and musty vocals that remind me of my favorite dark dream pop band, Cigarettes After Sex, I’m left wanting more after less than a minute of vaguely spooky sounds.

“Nobody Loves Halloween Like You Do,” however, makes a swift return to what we know of Trying’s repertoire: cute, jangly, and unexpectedly bright for a Halloween-y track. It’s not scary, but the chorus (“City’s a ghost without you, city’s a ghost without you/But nobody loves Halloween or haunting me like you do”) is surprisingly catchy. 

When school is moving at full speed, college application deadlines are creeping up, and balancing a blog adds more chaos on top of that, it’s a relief to have a short EP that takes five minutes to enjoy. Trying has clearly chosen quality over quantity with this “double-single,” thankfully, and my Halloween playlist is grateful for the two new tracks on “Marathon of Fright.”

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