Album Review: Monster Treasure – II

Contrary to the bright, flowery album cover, Monster Treasure‘s latest album, “II”, is about as punked-out as they come. The grungy, shoegazey punk is mesmerizing and full of fuzz-soaked riffs, and as the band’s bio says, if you can picture Blondie covering Nirvana in the early ’80s, “you might be halfway there.”

MT_II.jpgThe album is nothing if not heavy, but Briana Granados and Rachel Orimo’s dreamy, spacey vocals stand in stark contrast to heavy-handed percussion and gritty guitar. With these hazy vocals, “Buttercream” is indeed smooth and sweet despite a gravelly surface. Everything feels like a heavy red or a deep blue color, and although vocals have a tendency to get lost in the instruments, the cathartic sound is worth it.

Break-up tracks permeate the album – after all, where else can you find this level of intensity but in love? Bold, surprisingly catchy lyrics in “No Hope” (“I don’t like being f*cked with/I hope that you get herpes”) stand out along with “Leave,” a song about blaming yourself for someone else’s terrible treatment. 

The sound only begins to shift towards the end of the album, where “The Fall” is chaotic and anxiety-inducing but juxtaposed with the brief, listless “So What.” The album closes with an eerie hidden track near the end of the six-minute “Come Over,” a lightly ethereal song that lacks the intensity of the rest of “II”.

007_-__band_highMonster Treasure’s “II” leaves you wrung-out and exhausted in the best way possible. It feels like the lights have just gone up at the end of a show and everyone is just a little dazed, but you’re still full of adrenaline. If that sounds like your type of album, check out Monster Treasure’s Bandcamp, because the album comes out tomorrow, October 6.

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