EP Review: Mom Talk – I’m Not Mad, I’m Just Disappointed

Maybe my favorite part of unpolished folk-punk is the rough authenticity. As opposed to autotuned vocals, it’s okay to be a little flat here and there because that’s just reality – and if that’s authentic, then Mom Talk’s debut EP, “I’m Not Mad, I’m Just Disappointed” certainly is.

a3610662141_10Each of the four tracks has warbling yet on-pitch vocals. Except for the occasional flat note, heartbroken lyrics are able to flow freely, accompanied by acoustic guitar. A little like a blend of Ramshackle Glory and Defiance, Ohio, Mom Talk’s debut EP is nothing short of what you’d expect from four sad folk-punk songs.

Bitter, existential lyrics in “God Is A Woman” (“Nothing ever matters/do what you want/and you’ll get what you deserve/unless you’re rich/ain’t life a bitch?”) are highlighted by aggressive guitar. The power quickly transitions from guitar to vocals in “Don Knotts,” where the vocalist is straining himself so hard it leaves a metallic taste in my mouth just listening, yet he still maintains the pitch as all of his emotions come out at once through harsh vocals. 

My personal favorite, “Shark Bite,” begins slowly and speeds up until it’s nearly frantic, with creative rhymes (“Ballroom dancing/you learn how to waltz/you love someone else/it’s all my fault”). The final track, “Wannabe by The Spice Girls,” is unfortunately not a Spice Girls cover, but instead another heartbroken folk-punk melody.


Mom Talk is the epitome of sad folk-punk; honestly, what else do you need? As the weather in Ohio (hopefully) cools, my music taste leans back towards the heavier punk side of the spectrum, and Mom Talk fits right in with my mood right now. It’s perfect.

Check out the band’s Bandcamp to keep track of it.

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