Album Review: Somehow – Hidden Memories

Somehow’s latest album, “Hidden Memories”, is exactly what you’d expect of a French indie pop artist. It’s quirky, moody, and colorfully vibrant, and both vocalists have just a hint of an accent.

artworks-000211151294-tcv9w8-t500x500“Hidden Memories” is radiant, romantic, and melancholy all at the same time. It’s a quirky lo-fi sound that oscillates between dreamy and edgy, with both sticky melodies and gentle harmonies. It’s a rainbow of an album: “While The Days Go By” is gentle orange and creamy yellow, while “Meaningless Thoughts In Dark Times” is a deep, inky blue and “Escape” is a heavy red tone.

Although lyrics deal with cliché indie topics – relationships and change – fragments of lines stand out. Three words, “Everything is you,” in “Escape” pop out, but more carefully-crafted phrases like, “If only your mind was as rough as this place/if only I gave you what’s left of me now,” stay stuck in your head. 

It’s mostly synth, guitar, and vocals, although Erwan Pépiot utilizes melodica, keyboard, cello, and more to create the fun, unique sound. Despite desolate, romantic lyrics, the album has a little bit of a bounce, keeping sweet melodies running through your mind long after the album ends.

19621061_913079522164792_8800366051592851978_o.jpgQuirky indie pop is one of my favorite genres, and “Hidden Memories” is no exception. Everything is just different enough to be interesting, and each colorful track is something new. It’s a great way to cope during Columbus’s hot-and-cold inability to choose a season, because Somehow is stuck between a bright, summery vibe and something darker and colder.

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