EP Review: Stray Weather – Ever Endeavour

You may remember Stray Weather from our previous review of their first spoken-word EP, but the band has come a long way from its original hip-hop sound with its “Ever Endeavour” EP, out on September 15.

EP Hi Res.jpgJust like before, Mikey Brown’s attention-grabbing lyrics capture intrigue and refuse to let it go. His thick accent doesn’t prevent clarity, and he spits spoken-word rhymes over electronic-dance backgrounds. It’s a little more R&B-inspired than before, and the last two tracks are shiny and smooth.

Despite only being four songs, things can get repetitive, and the EP has a tendency to feel contrived. The first two songs feel especially forced; “Oh Reflection” is repetitious in lyrics but not in sound, whereas “What Would Your Mother Say” is darker and sounds a little like they’re trying too hard to reach a new level of intensity.

Profile Pic Hi Res.jpg

However, the last half of the EP is my favorite part. “Fairytales” and “You’re Not Alone” are relaxed, full of chillwave synth and not-as-frantic lines of spoken word. The two songs lean naturally towards the sound of the band’s previous EP, providing a pulsing, alternative beat underneath and closing out the record well.

Check out Stray Weather’s “Ever Endeavour” EP, out tomorrow, September 15!


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