Album Review: Soft Fangs – Fractures

True to its name, “Fractures”, the new Soft Fangs album, is composed of shards of life. John Lutkevich, the man behind the dark pop project, says that it’s “varying in concept is precisely the concept,” that each song is a new fracture of his life or other peoples’ lives. 


The album begins with velvet-husky tones, and Lutkevich does not sound at all how I expected: his vocals are relaxed and familiar. Each song, especially “Weed Spiders”, moves at its own lazy, unbothered pace, and each song embodies shoegaze at its peak form.

My personal favorite, “We Don’t Live Together Anymore”, closes out the album; with sad, clear guitar picking and stick-to-your-brain melodies, it reminds me of one of my favorite songs and I have no doubt that it’ll soon make its way into my fall playlists.

The album is gooey and nostalgic, like a fresh apple pie, but at times it’s crisp and sweet. Everything is just a little faded and light, and it sounds vaguely like Youth-era Daughter. It fits the past week well – a combination of clean starts and sentimentality.

softfangs_pressphoto1.jpgWith September looming closer and the air cooling down in Columbus, I’ve been ready for fall, and “Fractures” is the perfect album for that. The content itself bounces from workaholic bees to the concept of loneliness, but the whole album shares a common autumnal vibe, mixing nostalgia and freshness in eleven lo-fi shoegaze tracks.

The album is out this Friday, so be sure to check out “Fractures” on the Soft Fangs Bandcamp.

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