EP Review: Broken Bellows – The Card Table

I’m definitely not Warped Tour’s biggest fan, but I’ll be the first to admit that alt-pop duo Broken Bellows was a positive result of Warped 2016. Written by Cory Brent and Will Prinzi – formerly of Reckless Serenade – during downtime on the road, the band’s “The Card Table” EP serves as a strong introduction to Broken Bellows’ career.

The Card Table_album art“In The Deep” starts the EP, coming in hot and heavy with pulsing, fuzzy synth. It’s nothing if not catchy, and it feels like standing next to the speaker so that the vibrations go through you as the music gets turned up to the max. That power is electrifying, making you want to get up and dance wherever you are.

From there, the EP moves smoothly through a series of moods, whether that’s the hazy nostalgia of “Magic In A Gaze”, sounding vaguely like The Shins’ “Australia”, or the melancholy “Misery” and its slow, howling emo-style vocals in the burst-of-energy chorus. The ferocity of the EP winds down throughout the first four tracks, hitting its slowest point with the bright, acoustic “Steady Steps”. Despite its lack of intensity, this fourth track is hopeful and upbeat, with chorus lyrics of, “You win some, you lose some/you’ll find that in time/you will be just fine.” The fifth and final song on the EP, “Waiting”, however, definitely picks up in energy – making a loop of the EP that much smoother and compelling. 


Photo by Julia Robinson.

When first hearing about this formerly pop-punk duo, “The Card Table” was not what I expected. Instead of alt-rock, Broken Bellows is far more polished while still maintaining the energy and passion of their previous project. The EP is out this Friday, August 25, and it’s certainly better than would be expected of an EP that was written while driving a van through the night, staying awake by “making beats on the van stereo”, according to the band’s bio.


To listen to Broken Bellows’ “The Card Table” EP for yourself and to discover yet another round of summery tracks, check out the band’s Facebook page for more information about the EP’s release on Friday.

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