Indientry Turns 2!

Two years ago today, I wrote my first ever album review for Indientry.

Yes, it was a review of Twenty One Pilots, but I’ve since branched out from the “mainstream”. Since July of 2015, I’ve published nearly 200 posts, including interviews with my some of my favorite musicians, reviews of my favorite albums, and me gushing about certain shows. And I have to say, I’m pretty proud of everything I’ve done. 

Indientry isn’t the biggest deal, but to me, the impacts of the blog have been huge. Writing two posts every week helps me develop my love for writing and, perhaps more importantly, my love for music. I’ve gotten incredible opportunities to photograph shows and meet some pretty freakin’ awesome people, too – including those over at Tiny House Music Collective, which is not only an awesome resource for Columbus musicians but also my current place of internship and the highlight of every Saturday.

I have this incredible team of cheerleaders behind me. Whether you know it or not, there’s a good chance that you’re a part of it if you’re reading this. It’s everyone from the people who tell me they read my writing to the classmates who ask me for music recommendations to the older and wiser friends who’ve helped me get more involved with the Columbus music scene.

So many of you have been encouraging me from the start, and those connections are what keep me going on the hardest days. I don’t deserve you, but I am so thankful for you. You rock.

To celebrate our anniversary, I’ll be implementing some design changes, so keep an eye out for some cool new features. Additionally, August 1 marks the beginning of a monthly playlist of our favorite local musicians. It’ll be updated on the first Tuesday of every month, and I’m excited to share both new and old music, even if it’s not what I’m writing about.

Thank you again to everyone who’s been so supportive (and to everyone who continues to do so!) for two years. Happy second birthday, Indientry!


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