EP Review: Fallow Land – Pinscher

Fallow Land’s upcoming EP, Pinscher, is a math rock album to rival all others. Over the course of four songs, it steadily grows more complex – and colorful! Each new track becomes a Pantone original, with the classically complicated and cool math rock rhythms and instrumentals.

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 5.25.29 PM

Each track has a distinct colored tint, getting more complex as the EP continues. The funky rhythms and intricately woven instrumentals that characterize math rock give a blend of emotion and pigment, providing a gorgeously displayed final picture at the end of the EP. The Softboi Wields Guilt Like A Floral Knife, for example, is cherry red – real cherry, not that cough syrup BS – lingering on your tongue long after the song ends.

It’s surprisingly light for a breakup EP, yet it certainly does not lack depth. Glassy synth and soft vocals provide an element of bittersweet sorrow, the complexity keeping it from being shallow. The instrumentals and lyrics provide a specific blend of cohesiveness and disjointed sounds, coming together to represent post-breakup chaos very well – you don’t know where you stand, but you know that you need to keep moving.


Pinscher was entirely too short for my liking. I was left wanting more, and I’m now left to eagerly await new material from Fallow Land. The EP is released on June 30 – far too long to wait, but in the meantime, check out two singles on the band’s SoundCloud. What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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