Album Review: The Dream Eaters – We Are A Curse

In ten spine-tingling tracks, We Are A Curse is the latest dreamy indie pop record from The Dream Eaters. It’s not your typical synth-and-airiness, though: there’s a tangy, sour taste that accompanies the otherwise soft songs that brings a fresh take to the genre. It’s the band’s first full-length, released on April 14, and it promises powerful things to come for this Brookyn duo.


This record is murky musical escapism, featuring chilling harmonies and intricate synth layered together to create something wonderfully spacey. Vocals are powerful-yet-airy, and when that combines with the slightly twangy sound of the duo’s instrumentals, it brings a new flavor to “dream pop” while maintaining the ideally haunting sound and eerie, soft-on-the-edges vocals.

Clocking in at just under 40 minutes, each song is long enough to pack in several different changes in mood and sound without feeling rushed or abrupt. In fact, it’s almost relaxing – Sugar Coma let me zone out and feel the music without absorbing anything else. However, strong lyrics ground listeners, preventing them from feeling hollow or too much like they’ll float away. Bright instrumentals aid in this from time to time, providing a twangy sound behind all of the airiness.


In a fashion similar to that of The Antlers or Beach House, The Dream Eaters have put their own spicy spin on dream pop. Among the genre, We Are A Curse is definitely a standout. After all, who can resist the contrast between soft and twangy, sweet and sour, or dreamy and bright?

Check out the band’s website, and find their music on Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.


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