Show Review: As It Is & More (+Photos!)



With a killer six-band pop-punk lineup on the last night of the okay. USA tour, As It Is sold out Double Happiness last night in Columbus, accompanied by Absolute Hero, Capstan, Sleep On It, Grayscale, and ROAM.

Columbus locals Absolute Hero opened the night with a loud, exciting set – although the crowd, as per usual for Columbus concertgoers, wasn’t dancing much. However, excitement built anyway when the band covered My Chemical Romance’s I’m Not Okay (I Promise). Absolute Hero managed to get the crowd energetic and moving an impressive amount by the end of their set, and definitely gained a few fans.

Up next, Capstan: Orlando-based heavy pop-punk. They got the crowd moshing and the energy in the room was palpable – as was the sweat in the tiny venue. The air was thick but Capstan never faltered, feeding off of the energy in the room. They were moving so quickly that I struggled to get not-blurry photos in the dark venue, but the sheer energy was contagious.

At this point, I would have expected to be exhausted. Sleep On It, however, kept the crowd going with fast-paced and catchy pop-punk. I have to admit that when coming to this show, Sleep On It was the only band I really knew – and they definitely met my expectations. As they played songs off of Lost Along The Way (which you can read a review of here!) and earlier material, I almost fell off of my windowsill perch because I was too excited about the music.

Grayscale, up next, is an up-and-coming Fearless Records band, and it’s easy to understand their rising popularity. Last night, they were on fire: energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate. The crowd cheered and moved to the music, even if they didn’t know the words – a testament to the power of live music, especially when the band is as catchy and strong as Grayscale.

ROAM, the fifth band in a seemingly neverending lineup, is a well-known pop-punk group from the UK and was full of surprises during their set. Besides the ferocious and passionate pop-punk, there was no lack of entertainment in this set, from a guest appearance by As It Is’s Patty Walters on drums to throwing frontman Alex Costello’s shoes into the crowd. It was impossible to not have fun as every member of the band was constantly moving and clearly giving their all to the last show of the tour.


Finally, As It Is took the stage in front of a well-prepped crowd. Instead of being too tired, fans seemed to gain a second wind, moving as one unit as vocalist Patty Walters bounced around the stage. Walters and the audience shouted lyrics back and forth, clearly all having the time of their lives, and it seemed as though every member of the band was full of electricity. Jumping off of amps, springing into the air, and playing to the crowd, everyone onstage was buzzing with energy – including Ronnie, who usually runs the merch table but was sitting at the back of the stage.

Going into this show, I was expecting to see four bands. When I got six, however, I have to admit that I was apprehensive – I wasn’t sure if I would last that long. By the end of the night, though, I was soaked in sweat and happily exhausted, having enjoyed every second of the show. Yes, it was long, but it was a killer show to close out the tour and every single band was genuinely fun.

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