Album Review: Jen Gloeckner – VINE

With Jen Gloeckner’s latest album, VINE, Lana Del Rey meets Twin Peaks meets Stevie Nicks. It’s the best type of ambient indie rock: it’s catchy and floaty with just enough of a grounding voice to keep you from feeling like you’re stuck in the clouds. Gloeckner’s music is, simply put, hypnotizingly beautiful and definitely worth a listen – especially if ambient indie pop sounds like your type of genre.

Jen Gloeckner - VINE - Cover art

Each song on VINE is a soft new texture, from gentle waves to thumping bass: Counting Sheep brings to mind creamy silk, whereas The Last Thought is foamy pastel colors. The whole album floats just a little bit above ground level, gliding smoothly through the air with Gloeckner’s suave voice to keep you grounded enough to avoid blowing away in the wind.

Everything is downright dreamy on this album, from the ambient synth to ethereal vibes to hauntingly seductive vocals. It’s like the perfect dream pop/indie rock combination, almost hypnotizing you as you make your way through the album. Songs pulse and gush their way into your mind, oddly catchy enough to stick there for the rest of the day.

My personal favorites, Breathe and Sold, are both powerful without losing the airy quality that accompanies the rest of the album. Gloeckner sings from what feels like the back of her throat, deep and low and seductive, to keep the songs rolling. At times, it gets a little trippy; it feels like the music should be too weird to love but I can’t stop enjoying it.


I have to say, after the emotionally exhausting week that I’ve had, this album definitely slowed down my life for the hour I spent listening to it. It’s soothing and downright gorgeous, and I was able to lose myself in the album for a little while. That’s what the best music does: it allows you to have an escape from your otherwise dreary life. Vine took me to deep, fluffy clouds and gauzy pastel colors, and it was exactly what I needed.

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