Album Review: MisterWives – Connect The Dots

In a swirl of chalky pastel and glowing electric neon, MisterWives’ newest, Connect The Dots, is the exact opposite of a “sophomore slump”. Out tomorrow and packed with eleven upbeat tracks, this bold album is a colorful indie pop picture of independence and confidence.


Right from the get-go, Connect The Dots makes an excellent first impression with Machine, my personal favorite. It’s funky and electric, and lead singer Mandy Lee thinks of the track as a “rallying cry to stand against a world that suppresses individuality and diversity.” Other tracks have a political influence as well, like (unsurprisingly) Revolution and Oh Love

Although most songs are upbeat and danceable – I’ve been dancing embarrassingly in this Starbucks for pretty much the whole time I’ve been writing this – not everything is. In cases like Only Human, Mandy Lee’s lilting vocals pulse over a sweet background of piano, bubbly and airy but not shallow. Revolution is softly badass, lower and slower but despite the faded vintage sound, not lacking in intensity.

Connect The Dots is fruity and summery and a little upbeat, but MisterWives keeps it from sounding superficial – a rookie mistake that many indie pop bands struggle with. It’s no surprise that the bones of this album were written in what the band refers to as “Band Camp”, a home studio in the Bronx, during the summertime. It gives feelings of being with people you love, lazy days together in the gooey-golden sun as tracks like Chasing This play in the background as if you’re in a bad teenage movie.


Each new song adds to the puzzle, making the picture of boldness and individuality even more clear as the album goes along. It’s powerful indie pop with a twist of politics and love, coming together in a surprisingly mature-sounding album, a colorful painting that I wouldn’t have expected from MisterWives. Connect The Dots is out tomorrow, so make sure you go check it out, and for you Columbus folks, MisterWives is touring with Bleachers this summer. It’ll undoubtedly be a killer show, so I’ll be there – comment below if I’ll see you at the show, and let me know what you think of the album!

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