Album Review: Caamp – Caamp

Caamp, comprised of two childhood friends, is a folksy duo that has been writing songs together since 2012. Still relatively small, Caamp released their debut, self-titled album in March of 2016. Since then, the two have been traveling around the country and performing to different audiences.


The record opens with a track entitled All The Debts I Owe. The track lays out their sound, a guitar, banjo, and two vocalists. The music is simple and homey, and almost sounds familiar. It conveys a strong sense of nostalgia, covering topics such as family, childhood, and friendship. Some of the songs (like Vagabond) start out slower, and go into something more upbeat and fun. It’s wholesome, in the best way possible.

While most of the tracks begin with and largely entail guitar chords, the banjo gets a number of solos. The skill and finesse with which both members, Taylor and Evan, handle their instruments is remarkable, considering the home-grown sound their vocals have.

As with many other folk bands, Caamp speaks a lot on the topic of family. The songs reference the leaving of different family members, and clearly convey the closeness with which the duo regard their families. Knowing they are childhood friends makes this more gratifying- it is evident that they are close friends, and often, it is made clear that they are enjoying themselves while playing. Another topic most often covered is relationships; instead of the typical metaphors used, though, the lyrics are meaningful and unique. Often, it discusses a lover who left.

Caamp’s website doesn’t have much information in regards to the band itself, but it feels as though you get to know them throughout the course of the album. The “About” section describes their sound as “heartfelt”; having listened to the entire record, there isn’t a more accurate descriptor to be used.


Most of the music I listen to is the typical multi-person band, with electric guitars and drums. However, Caamp provides something I don’t get very often: a plethora of unique acoustic songs that you can listen to in any mood. It’s the kind of music you can imagine as the soundtrack to a film, or playing during one of your fondest memories. Caamp is unassumingly wonderful, and it’ll be interesting to see how they grow as musicians in the future.


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