Album Review: The Delta Saints – Monte Vista

After last week’s interview with The Delta Saints, I’ve been excited to write about Monte Vista. Their latest album, Monte Vista was released a little over a week ago and is full of wonderfully fizzy indie rock, complete with catchy hooks and irresistible guitar riffs. According to lead vocalist Ben Ringel, the album is “steeped in chasing a certain level of recklessness”, and while listening to it, his declaration rings true.

Monte Vista Album Artwork LRTo sum up this album simply, think classic rock with a twist. It’s harder and edgier than I expected. There are edgy hooks, catchy melodies, and sick guitar solos. Beyond that, however, it’s much more complicated.

Each song has a distinct feeling. Young and Crazy, for example, is golden syrupy days at the beach, surrounded by your closest friends until the early hours of the morning. Space Man, a tribute to David Bowie, is like slippery silver threads, glamorous but not obnoxious. Shiny and enamel-like, Roses is like a spilled puddle of dark nail polish on a smooth wooden table.

Overall, the album is easy to listen to and enjoy. The blues rock influence is clear, with jazzy undertones floating just beneath the rock and roll sound. Even when it slows down, the driving power of Ringel’s vocals is still there to keep the album from becoming sticky-slow. The tempo moves, in fact, from fast-paced to mellow – yet it never gets unmotivated thanks to those vocals and intense percussion.

Delta Saints
Delta Saints photographed by David Bean in Nashville, TN

The Delta Saints just want to “make music that isn’t so disposable”, and with this record, they’ve certainly achieved that goal. I’ve been on a blues rock kick lately – more on that later this week – and Monte Vista is no exception. It’s driving and edgy with just a little bit of a swing thrown into the mix, and I can’t stop listening to it. Even if you didn’t make it out to their Columbus show last night, definitely check out the album.

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