Album Review: Restless Streets – Together

With Spring Fling just ending in Cleveland, I’ve had pop-punk on the brain for the past few days. Jetty Bones, Mayday Parade, Heroes Like Villains… I’ve just been on a kick. You can imagine my delight, then, when I first listened to Restless Streets’s new album, Together. It’s definitely got some pop-punk in there, although it’s not all the same typical sound and has some other genres and influences thrown in.

18118724_10155324990607853_4358264584320069200_nRestless Streets is self-described as “melodic rock”, but their sound comes out as a blend of every genre I love – they have the catchiness and bubbliness (at times) of indie pop, the heaviness of punk rock, and the driving percussion of rock.

Additionally, each song has a different twist: Wrong Kids is a little heavier, Glow is soft-mellow-dreamy, and Roots Dig In is faster-paced pop-punk. They all come back to this catchy, heavy melodic rock umbrella, though. Melodies are unexpected yet easy to remember, guitars and percussion are driving, and the overall sound is far from the mainstream pop-punk sound that’s so common.



This sound is a change for the band. Their previous album, Sincerely, was much heavier – they’re actually a metal band according to most websites. However, for me at least, the change was welcome; in Together, the metal influences were there but not overwhelming to someone who’s not usually a metalhead. Of course, as they say in the final song,

Of course, as they say in the final song, Dreamers (“So what if I’m a little bit different?”), it’s okay to stand out. Here, whether that means different from the previous album or varying from mainstream pop-punk, Restless Streets is indeed a little bit different – and that’s a good thing.


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