Album Review: The Graphics – Over and Over

Here in Columbus, we’re stuck in that weird springtime weather where one day, it’s sunny and warm enough to eat lunch outside, and others, there aren’t enough sweatpants in the world to warm you up. The solution for this constantly-changing weather is obviously some upbeat, summery music – like The Graphics’s Over and Over.


This album sounds like what would happen if you put Young The Giant, Foster The People, and a touch of The Mowgli’s into eleven songs. As you might expect, the result is something straight off of the indie pop charts – catchy, summery, and perfect for this time of year. Everything is easy to dance to, and even the mellow songs like Go refuse to lose that powerful edge that the rest of the album captures so well.

Many indie rock bands attempt to follow the “happy sounds, serious lyrics” track – but few pull it off successfully. The Graphics are one of those select few, with songs like Back To Me, my personal favorite, which features poppy chords, dancey vibes, and lyrics like, “Come back to me when you find yourself”.


I have this friend, Logan, who’d been pressuring me to listen to The Graphics for a month or so. I have to admit, I sort of blew him off – after all, when a high schooler tells me that their friend is in a band, it’s rare that they’re this good. Granted, there are exceptions to that rule, but what can I say? Maybe I’m just a little too cynical.

I finally checked them out earlier this week, and I have to say, Logan, that you were right and this is me publically admitting it. The Graphics are good, much better than I expected. They’re a little like a blend of Young The Giant and Jukebox The Ghost, but with a little originality thrown in, too. Check them out, and let me know what you think in the comments!

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