EP Review: SUNS

When I get emails regarding coverage for small bands, I usually take the time to check them out – in this case, that paid off. SUNS, a tiny post-rock trio from Wales, just put out a three-track EP (available here on cassette and digitally), and it’s right up my alley. It’s not quite dreamy, but it’s certainly haunting with echoing vocals and edgy guitar solos.

SUNSAt times, this EP seemed oddly ethereal – I wouldn’t exactly call it dreamy, but it felt far away and echoey. Edgy guitar picking was grounding, especially in the beginnings of Blood Money and Try Again. Their sound is a little like dream punk, but less intense.

Of the three songs, my favorite is definitely Try Again, with its seemingly Radiohead-inspired sound. Unlike the previous track, it stays slow and sticky throughout the song, and that steady guitar picking is the only thing that keeps you from feeling like you could float through the clouds.

16463422_326975557698050_8927541880790962608_oThis is only three tracks – not at all very long, but you know what they say about good things and multiples of three. I listened to it in less than fifteen minutes, which is refreshingly quick, but it left me wanting more. This is a relatively new band, so keep an eye on them – they’ve definitely got a unique sound.

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