EP Review: Chantal Claret – Let’s Pretend Everything’s Okay

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Before this EP, the majority of what I’d heard from indie rock singer-songwriter Chantal Claret was her work with her old alternative rock band, Morningwood – and, of course, her bold social media presence. She’s got quite a following, and she’s not afraid to use it. Claret’s latest EP, Let’s Pretend Everything’s Okay, is out today, and her confidence translates well to each of the four funky, unique songs.


The EP cover.

Sometimes, artists release albums where every single song is wildly different, and it ends up sounding discordant and sloppy. However, it works well in Let’s Pretend Everything’s Okay. Each of the four songs has a unique, funky sound, and no two even remotely the same.


There are threads of similarity woven in, like Claret’s edgy vocals in all but one song, or the surprising lightness in It’s Alright and Whole Wide World. Other than that, everything is different: I Look Good is bold, brash, and unafraid, pretty much along the lines of what I expected from this confident, always-be-yourself feminist rockstar. Next, Move (I’m Coming) takes on a heavier sound; it’s still upbeat and cool, but there’s way more guitar and Claret’s vocals are smokier. The sound seriously takes a turn with It’s Alright, with a dream-pop feel and everything sounding as if it could float away at any second. The EP closes with a blend of all three sounds in Whole Wide World, a love song that’s not quite a love song, with its summery vibe and funky instrumentals. 


The other day, Claret tweeted, “With all the shit happening in the world there are still a few sweet things,” and that’s pretty much a summary of what I’ve seen from her. She’s funky, she’s unapologetic, and she rocks. This EP is no different – it’s undoubtedly groovy and exactly what you’d expect from Chantal Claret, and despite the four distinct tracks, it blends together surprisingly well. Go check out Let’s Pretend Everything’s Okay for a healthy dose of uniqueness, mixed in with some power pop and dreamy rock.

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