EP Review: Jetty Bones – Crucial States

Happy Women’s History Month! In honor of all of the strong “nasty women” out there, every album review that is posted on Indientry for the month of March will feature daring females. Check out the full list here!

All I could think on my way to Baltimore this weekend was, “How have I not written about Kelc yet?!”. One of my favorite musicians who just so happens to be a good friend, Kelc Galluzzo is the mastermind behind post-punk/pop-rock project Jetty Bones. In person, Galluzzo is cool, energetic, and just about as colorful as her ever-changing hair – and her music is an excellent reflection of that spunk.

The album cover.

Jetty Bones’s Crucial States EP is a startlingly emotional journey through a break-up: overarching themes of “I don’t need anyone”, although Kelc later dispelled that idea at a show, run throughout the six songs. It moves from vengeful anger to depression to acceptance, almost like the stages of grief, dragging you through each emotion.

Anger is clearly showcased in Lumos and Coasting Lines, two of my personal favorites. Both are catchy and bitter, and the latter’s repeating lyrics of “You never took me to see the ocean” are a crowd favorite – sing-alongs are enthusiastically encouraged at Jetty Bones shows, especially on that line. Galluzzo moves through to sadder songs, like Second Death in the Rabbit Hole and I Don’t Remember, I Can’t, which start off slower and burst into livelier sections before dropping back down to slower tempos and softer vocals. Again, colorful lyrics like, “I’d rather drown fighting for the ocean than die in a landlocked dream” stick in your head for days. Finally, Galluzzo ends with a form of acceptance, although it’s still definitely sad, in Recovery Friends and Nox. She’s begun to slow down in sound as well; in fact, these two songs are the only acoustic ones on the album.

Kelc, although her hair has definitely changed color several times since this photograph!

It can be weird to write about a friend’s music – either I feel like I can’t criticize it, or it makes me feel like too much of a fan. Before, I had a rule about not writing about my friends, but then I realized how ridiculous that is. I’m proud of my friends, and I want to be able to show them off, so this is me showing off Kelc and Jetty Bones.

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