EP Review: Inner Reflection – Take Two

Happy Women’s History Month! In honor of all of the strong “nasty women” out there, every album review that is posted on Indientry for the month of March will feature daring females. Check out the full list here!

After seeing Inner Reflection win third place at Groove U’s Battle of the Bands last year, I kinda lost track of what they were doing. Several of the bands in that competition are now broken up, but as I learned this week, this powerful punk band is still going strong.

The EP cover.


It’s only three songs, but the Take Two EP shows crazy progress since I saw the band around a year ago. The instrumentals are far heavier than I’d expected, lead vocalist Katie Kirk has a shockingly mature sound and an even more impressive range, and the finished product is killer.

Right from the get-go, I was pleasantly surprised at the band’s sound – Kathyrine is a nearly-six-minute song, full of intense, fingers-flying guitar. Kirk’s powerfully unique voice belts impossibly high, and everything about the track is catchy. From there, the EP moves into I’m Done. It’s a little less sharp, a little less pristine, a little less frantic, but loses none of the punk power that this band so easily provides. Finally, Timeout closes the all-too-short EP with Kirk spitting fiery lyrics and a pleasantly heavy guitar solo.

Inner Reflection, courtesy of their Facebook page.

Just from a three-track EP, it feels like Inner Reflection has really found their place since last year’s Battle of the Bands. Their sound is powerful and confident, like they finally have the stage and dammit, they’re not giving it up! Anyway, it was awesome to “rediscover” this band, I can’t wait to come see them live – at a real show, not just a Battle of the Bands competition.


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