Album Review: Vagabon – Infinite Worlds

In an attempt to combat the whitewashing of punk/pop-punk/indie music, all of Indientry’s album reviews for the month of February (Black History Month) will feature black musicians, both solo and within other groups. Check out our full list of bands here!

Laetitia Tamko, recording as Vagabon since 2014, creates “infinite worlds” through each album, as her Bandcamp description suggests. This multi-instrumentalist certainly lives up to that hype – Infinite Worlds, her latest album, came out on February 24 and proves that she does indeed create a seemingly limitless universe within its eight songs.

The album cover.

Each of these songs takes on a new life as Tamko’s lilting, echoey voice shines through the varying instrumentation. Kicking the album off with The Embers, Vagabon is a little folky, yet her powerful vocals prove themselves on lyrics like, “I’m just a small fish/and you’re a shark that hates everything.” This light, vintage vibe continues through Fear & Force before Minneapolis becomes mildly heavier. 

From there, her style varies – from 100 Years‘s slightly pop-punk sound to Mal á L’aise‘s funky synth tones, everything is unique and everything is, to put it simply, awesome. The album closes with Alive and A Well, which returns to the simple guitar and vocals. It loses none of her emotional power, but the beauty is evident.


Vagabon (Laetitia Tamko).

I’ve loved Vagabon for a long time, and there’s no better way to close out Black History Month than with one of my favorite indie rock artists and her latest album. Seriously, each new song is borderline magical. Go check her out, and for you Columbus friends, she’s coming to Spacebar in April – just saying.


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