Album Review: Sick Sad World – Fear and Lies

In an attempt to combat the whitewashing of punk/pop-punk/indie music, all of Indientry’s album reviews for the month of February (Black History Month) will feature black musicians, both solo and within other groups. Check out our full list of bands here!

In case you somehow don’t know yet, I’m a big fan of the fuzzy stuff. Take First Responder as an example – although that’s much lighter than Sick Sad World. Fear and Lies kills, though. It’s fuzzy, but it’s heavy and grounded enough that it doesn’t get pulled away into the clouds like some fuzz pop.

The album cover.

This album is a piece of eleven-song garage rock art. I might be hyping it up too much, but I seriously fell in love with it from the first few songs. In fact, the first few almost reminded me of The Ramones, only lighter.


They’ve got those classic indie-alternative vocals, you know the ones: a little faded but still raw and emotional. Every glorious guitar chord is fuzzy and noise-y, and lilting lyrics like Sweet Glory‘s, “Love can be confusing/even when you’re strong” float overtop. It’s almost a vintage sound – definitely one that I’ve been having trouble classifying. Is it garage rock? Is it fuzzy pop-punk? Whatever it is, I want MORE of it.

On one hand, you’ve got the perfect Orange Lazarus, my obvious favorite off of the album, which is pulsing and blurry and reminds me a little bit of The Shins. On the other, there’s Keep It Real, which is similar to Frank Iero’s Miss Me – it’s got just a touch of country, but it’s a little heavier.

The band.

I’ve been listening to this album all week. I haven’t been able to stop – it’s that perfect blend of grounded and fuzzy that I love. In fact, I was playing it out loud when I was with a few of my friends, and within thirty seconds I had at least two people asking me about the album. It’s that good.



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