Album Review: Fefe Dobson – Joy

In an attempt to combat the whitewashing of punk/pop-punk/indie music, all of Indientry’s album reviews for the month of February (Black History Month) will feature black musicians, both solo and within other groups. Check out our full list of bands here!

It’s rare to find strong female-fronted pop-punk. The industry is heavily male-dominated, which I’ll talk about more for Women’s History Month in March, but for now, check out Fefe Dobson, pop-punk/power pop extraordinaire.

The album cover.

In her last album, Joy, released in 2010, is a stellar representation of music in the early 2000s. With intensely powerful vocals, fluttering guitar solos, and pulsing beats, Dobson’s 13-track album is an almost ethereal experience.

The record moves through various emotions, from the fast-paced Ghost and vengeful Thanks For Nothing to the slower half, with In Your Touch‘s acoustic goodness. The one common theme, however, is that it’s all badass and packed full of passion and power. Everything is emotional – some of it is better for shouting along with your friends, but the feeling is all there. It’s classic pop-punk at its finest.

Dobson, courtesy of The Come Up Show.

I’m always searching for badass females in the world of pop-punk, and Fefe Dobson is a classic example of what I look for – powerful, not afraid to do her own thing, and one hell of a catchy musician on top of that.

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