Album Review: So Long, Stargazer – Look Up

In an attempt to combat the whitewashing of punk/pop-punk/indie music, all of Indientry’s album reviews for the month of February (Black History Month) will feature black musicians, both solo and within other groups. Check out our full list of bands here!

Rock and musical theatre? It’s an unusual combination, sure, but it can often blow you away – just look at RENT or Rocky Horror. So Long, Stargazer’s latest, Look Up, fits right in, sounding like the perfect soundtrack to a rock musical. After all, the band’s lead vocalist, Chase McCants, has a musical theatre background, and as the website says, “He’s got a voice that will make you whisper, “damn,” to yourself when you’re walking with headphones in.”

album-cover-front (1).jpg
The album cover.

Stylistically, the album is awesome. The two vocalists, McCants and Kristin Green, are awe-inspiring on every song – although Green’s vocals can sound a bit too tuned for my taste in this type of music – and their harmonies make every song into the perfect theatre rock duet. From the slower songs (To The Hour) to the more intense (Give Them A Show), each track has the same distinct heavy style, each one featuring a new and fascinating instrumental.

The sound moves from heavy to somewhat gentler, although the band’s lyrics don’t lose any of their punch from the first half to the second. It’s genuinely fun to listen to – the intense instrumentals are contrasted by smooth and silky voices, painting a dramatic polarity between the two.

The band, courtesy of

With fourteen varying songs, this album sounds almost as if Evanescence or Linkin Park wrote a soundtrack for a musical. Listening to it reminded me of my RENT-obsessed phase, which was definitely a throwback but not at all a bad one, but with a twist of my current music taste. Definitely check this Columbus-based band if you’re into musical-theatre-turned-punk-rock, and be sure to check out their website for more!


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