Live Music Review: Bear’s Den + PHOTOS


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In what might have been the most exciting “chill” concert I’ve ever been to, Bear’s Den and Gill Landry performed a spectacular show at the Newport Music Hall last night.

Landry, a country-sounding singer-songwriter from Louisiana, had a simple set – with a sole spotlight and only his acoustic guitar to accompany his voice, the easy sound kept the focus on his swoon-worthy vocals. Country music usually isn’t for me, but even I found myself swaying along with the rest of the crowd.

Gill Landry.

However, the Bear’s Den set had more substance. Between the subtly pulsing colorful lights and the three lead instrumentalists, their alt-rock sound was a little more significant but lacked none of the mellow vibes that Gill Landry used to set the stage.

The band clearly works well together, dancing and playing their instruments to one another at times. Their harmonies were on point, and the crowd could not have been more into it. There was even an acoustic song, sung without mics, that blew me (and most, if not all, of the crowd) away – Don’t Let The Sun Steal You Away.

Despite the chill vibe, the three of them had a dynamic stage presence. It was obvious that they were having the time of their lives up there, and that excitement translated into the rest of the crowd. At one point, they stopped the show to flip a water bottle, because “having too much down time on tour” gives them lots of practice – and when it stuck the landing, the crowd went wild.

It may have been freezing cold outside, but I left with a warm fuzzy feeling – even though that sounds so cheesy it’s painful, it’s true. Bear’s Den definitely gained a few new fans from my friends and I. I had way more fun than I’d ever expected to, and to make up for skipping my school’s winter formal, I got plenty of dancing in.

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